WELCOME TO ROTARY INTERNATIONAL ICC BELUX INDONESIA (At the initiative of Districts 3410, 3420, 2130, 2140, 2150 and 2160)

Through the magic of Rotary, we imagine a world where Rotary connects people and creates hope for a better future.




Rotary's Inter-Country Committees (ICC) are important because they allow Rotary members to work together on international service projects. ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD !

These committees bring members of different Rotary clubs together to implement joint service projects, such as community development projects, health projects, and educational projects.

Inter-Country Committees also allow members of different Rotary clubs to share ideas and develop fellowship.

Finally, they are important for strengthening relations between different countries and cultures, and for helping to promote peace and mutual understanding.


District 3410 Conference May 2025

District 3420 Conference May 2025

Rotary International Ambassadors of Goodwill and Peace

Bali. Indonesia. 29.10.2022. Charter Signing. 

Rotary International Ambassadors of Goodwill and Peace

Fostering and Strengthening Service and Friendship among Countries at LESTARI SUPER BRANCH, Sanur. Incorporation Ceremony and Delivery of the Charter of Agreement of the New Inter-Country Committee between Indonesia, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Attended both online and offline by Rotarians from all over Indonesia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Dubai, Bangkok, Honolulu.

Video recording of the charter ceremony

From left to right: Rtn Matthias Frenzel - RC Bali Nusa Dua, PP Agung Rosye - RC Bali Taman, PP Marina Purwa - RC Bali Kuta, DG Lina Suratman - RC Semarang Pandawa, PDG Aloysius Purwa - RC Bali Kuta, IPP Karl Heinz Schmelzer RC Bali Nusa Dua, AG Jean Marie Hoffmann - RC Luxembourg-Horizon, PDG Hanny Arianto - RC Bali Kuta, DGN Suzana Chandra - RC Bali Denpasar, DDG Agung Purnama - RC Bali Taman, PP Putu Indra - RC Bali Legian, PDG Nyoman Suastika - Rc Bali Kuta  

Preliminary meeting on August 26, 2022 in Kuta, Bali

The creation of this Inter-Country Committee (ICC) resulted in the presentation of its charter on October 29, 2022 in Sanur, Bali in the presence of the Governors of Districts 2130 Claude Hamilius, 2140 Dominiek Willemse, 2150 Etienne Bailly, 2160 Pascal Grosse, 3410 Rionardi C. Wong and 3420 Lina Soertaman, coordinators of the areas concerned Eva Kurniaty and Nathalie Huyghebaert, Indonesian President   Aloysius Purwa and BELUX, Jean-Marie Hoffmann. Mohamed Ghammam, President of the Executive Committee of the IPCs apologized.

It should be remembered that the ICCs play a leading role in the coordination, organization and mutual assistance between the countries concerned. They facilitate friendly exchanges, support human rights and contribute to peace.

The latest disasters in Belgium, Germany, Lebanon, the war in Ukraine, and our respective responses to these human tragedies are convincing examples.

Past international presidents Holger Knaack and Shekhar Mehta recognize ICC as a Rotary program. Our International President, Jennifer Jones is herself an active member of an ICC.

Join an ICC, currently we have more than 600 ICCs worldwide and more than 12 in BELUX.


August 2022. West Java, Indonesia. ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE. Inbound Orientation Program with DG3410 Rionardi C. Wong.